The Deads

by the deads





released 02 February 2012

The Deads



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Track Name: Seminary
Paint a picture of a ghost. Break. Break all of the windows and all of the walls. You break my heart and you break my balls. So paint a picture of a ghost. Spirits came out of the mirrors, a smile here and there, but mostly bad looks.
Track Name: Cool Times Fun Police
Welcome to my lucid dreaming, it's a nightmare. I don't ever want to wake up
(it's a nightmare). How did the world get so fucked up right now? How do I get back to reality from this acid
twisting around my brain... It's a nightmare out of control...
Track Name: Hammer Brothers
One has a hammer and the other has a gun. They are the hammer boys. They are
the hammer brothers. This is a stick up! Reach for the sky!
Track Name: Zen That Shit
I want to run around. I want to run around naked... Secrets written on a wall in an art gallery.
In my head I put together a map... in my head I put a map together.
Track Name: Slug
Pull... me... apart... into... two... pieces... Pull... me... apart... into... two... pieces... What can you do
right now to get away from this? After all that you have done, you would have to shoot me
Track Name: Natural Born Chillers
Screams in the room reverberate through the halls, the echoes of pain are
ringing in my ears like the blast from a gun... Echoes of pain ringing in my ears... because we are natural
born chillers. Am I the only one???... I bring everyone down... to make it all... ... ...